Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Enlightened Ubuntu

I scrapped my Xubuntu two weeks ago to be replaced by Vector Linux 5.1 Standard. From what I read, VL is a very good distro for old hardware, thus, perfect for my ECS A907 desknote.

Having it installed, I immediately know what I missed from Xu/Ku/Ubuntu: excelent package management, good configuration utility and strong community support. It's not that Vector Linux is bad. It runs very fast! However, I don't feel convenient with its Slackware-style and decided to reinstall my ubuntu.

Now the problem is that both Ubuntu & Kubuntu are too slow, and having tried VL, I want something faster than Xubuntu. Hence, I decided to have Enlightenment clean-installed.

So far I made it :-)

I just install ubuntu server install, then after first login I did:

$ sudo apt-get install linux-686 x-window-system-core enlightenment eterm enlightenment-themes esound menu e16keyedit e16menuedit

I also grabbed several tools I need such as minicom, mc, abiword, gnumeric, xmms, firefox, sylpheed, epiphany-browser (for light browsing) and the three apps I need from KDE: Gwenview, Konqueror and Ark.

I am still tweaking my system, but overall, I love E16. Light yet Elegant.
I just can't wait for E17 :-)

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