Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Background Processing

I am managing a headless server (GNU/Linux) for provisioning network under my supervision. I remotely manage the server via ssh and using it as fileserver as well. Therefore, linux iso images from many distros are downloaded and stored there

One thing I love from this scheme is that I can download any iso files from the net and left the downloading process in background using wget, such as:

$ wget -b http://someurl/someisofile.iso

However, when the source server get busy, downloading from http or ftp is not a good idea. Hence, bittorrent comes in handy.
Using combination of screen and, the command looks like this:

$ screen btdownloadcurses sometorrentfiles.torrent

I can left the download process in background by pressing Ctrl-A followed by D.
Whenever I want to check the download progress, I can list the screen process by typing

$ screen -ls

Then, to get the screen-ed process back, I just type

$ screen -dr name-of-the-process

Now, I'm downloading every distro I can get for free.
I just have to make sure I'm not clogging my company's bandwidth, otherwise, I'll be in trouble :-D

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