Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Managing Wireless Equipment (802.11x) using ap-utils

Being maintaining snmp-based nms for months, I've just found this tool few
hours ago. With ap-utils, I can manage my SmartBridge devices natively from
Linux. Ironically, I've been struggling with wine for years just to configure
my WiFi equipment, and even installing windows 98 via Qemu just to have the
wireless configuration software installed.

To install it in Ubuntu :

sudo apt-get install ap-utils



The menu inside ap-utils is self-explanatory.
If only this tools can manage other proprietary wi-fi devices, (alvarion,
canopy, trango, etc) it will be much better.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

QEMU in Ubuntu Dapper

Should you need another OS emulated within your system, QEMU is the Free Software that do the job well.
In Ubuntu 6.06, you can have the version 0.8.0 packaged in the universe repo.

To use it, just install it using apt-get (or synaptic if you prefer):

$ sudo apt-get install qemu

then create the virtual hard drive using qemu-img

$ qemu-img create mydisk 3G

to install an OS into your emulated hard drive (using CD-ROM installer)

$ qemu -hda mydisk -cdrom /dev/cdrom -boot d

Qemu can be emulating at higher speed when it uses its accelerator module named Kqemu. However Kqemu is a proprietary software (although it'll cost 0 in price). To install the accelerator, you can use the method posted here

Unbloggable Months

Well...two months without blogging...
I lost my desire to write these two months.
Mostly due to:
  • FIFA World Cup '06 Germany
  • (Somehow single) Parenting
Now, since I feel quite narcisist enough, it's time to write again :-D