Thursday, March 23, 2006

My sysadmin toolbox

Inspired by :-)

For my day to day network administration, I use these apps frequently:

ssh,telnet,bash,coreutils,rsync,scp,elinks,wget,nano....if you don't know what
are these apps for, then probably you could skip this
*cough*article*cough* :-)
For serial console access, I use minicom. I love configuring my huawei box
with minicom using transparent konsole, it's so damn pretty.
For quick traffic monitoring via snmp poll, I use ifstat. If only I could
figure out how to parse the capture result into rrd files, I would make it
even more useful.
For more comperehensive network provisioning, JFFNMS is what I use. I just
wonder how to reduce its resource usage. I'll probably give nagios a shot

The others will be most of what GNOME & KDE offers....

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